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  • TEASER YOU SHALL enjoy the olympics. you shall drive in the proper lanes, you shall only wear branded clothing, eat branded food. you shall make other travel arrangements for the time of the olympics, you shall not obstruct public transport with your normal journeys. fines will be in place for disobedience. this sporting event is more important than the economy, your buisiness, your freedom of travel, yo ... ...ur right to use the term Olympics. you shall change your branding of your companies, because we own you. you are paying for this event. you will continue to pay when it makes a loss. you shall agree to missiles being settled in civilian areas and becoming a legitimate terrorist target. you are not living in a democracy, but an olympocracy. You shall dedicate this period of your life to this internationally important event. London must stand still, putting everything on hold until this most important event has finished. we cannot stress how important this event is. more important than your very liberty. ENJOY THE OLYMPICS--- By ORDER
    16 July 2012

  • sportingPETE Test Post
    19 March 2019

  • GiteshDang hello guys
    25 October 2011

  • Wildsam Grimsby 2 v 2 Wrexham joker Germany 3- 1England Millwall0-1 Burton Cambridge 1- 1Oxford
    26 March 2016

  • fer_ark Westfields 2-1 Curzon Ashton Bristol City 1-2 Brighton St Albans City 0-2 Carlisle joker Arsenal V Tottenham 2-2 Omdita Westfields 1-1 Curzon Ashton Bristol City 2-1 Brighton St Albans City 0-3 Carlisle joker Arsenal 2-2 Tottenham
    4 November 2016