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    June 8, 2016 5:06 pm BST


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    September 19, 2016 10:29 am BST

    The game today against Aston Villa was the first Forest contest I watched this season. It has been Okay thus far and a victory over Villa would have propelled us to the dizzy heights of

    To be fair I have been somewhat disinterested up until now much to do with footballoverkill following the Euros. Wish we had a few more weeks off. Not everybody would have the same opinion and would be gagging for the season to get underway.

    It was rip-roaring opening with a 4-3 win over newly promoted Burton. It didn't last as always with The Forest and they got bashed 3-0 by Brighton on a Friday night. Wasn't even aware they were playing until I read the papers the next day nor was did I know they had lost 1-0 to Brentford (midweek) before I switched on the TV to find out of a last minute home winner in the 4-3 win over Wigan. Mental.

    So as you can see good at home poor away form in the league.

    In between our league games we won cup games away at Doncaster and Millwall both 2-1.

    Our finest performance from what I have read when we mugged off Leeds 3-1 at home.



    And to Villa. First-half was fairly tame and I spent more time on my phone and almost dozed off somewhat

    before I was awoken by a thunderous 57th minute opener for Forest. The game had my fulles attention now.

    Villa rallied and pumulled the Forest goaland it was only a matter of time. Could have scored 3 within 5 minutes. Forest were rocking and Villa scored twice within 2 minutes. Same old Forest my attention diverted elsewhere. Until out from nowehere we fashioned a slick equaliser with Hansbury finsihing well. Our provider celebrated with his fans and recieved a second yellow card and his marching orders. We held on for the remaing 4 minutes and 5 of injury time. Phew...

    What are your own summaries of your own teams thus far?

    Don't be shy...