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    May 11, 2012 12:30 pm BST

    Following is just some advice, don't take it for gods honest. I think it is generally what is accepted.




    1. Good nutrition consists of eating whole foods


    2. Eat the right balance for you?? They say a well balanced diet consists a daily intake of Carbs     (59%), Fats (29%) and proteins (12-13%). Note energy levels


    3. Decrease the use of poor fats (transfats- KFC, Mcdonalds, Kebabs etc)


    4. Drink sufficient amounts of water (bottled water is best) - 2 litres per day


    5. Try to keep away from fast foods


    6. Dcrease alchol consumption


    7. Think about preparing food correctly - cooking. Pan fry keeps nutrients


    8. Think about where your food has come from? - local markets etc. They say the best is Waitrsoe/M&S - could be a bit more pricey!


    9. Organic/free range is the best - SO they say, but I am not entirely convinced?


    10. Avoid eating process foods especially processed sugar 

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    February 4, 2014 1:20 pm GMT

    Hadn't really been online as much as I would have liked so decided to make a well over-due connection. Breezing through the many interesting topics I noticed that there was no activity within the Sporting Dietary Tips forum. Since I had always been into health, fitness and sport it naturally caught my eye and took on an extra significance since I had just completed courses in Gym Instruction and Personal Training. As intense as it was nerve-racking (during the practical & theory tests) I managed to gain the required criteria of Level 2 & 3 certificates. Having acquired this knowledge on how the body functions (anatomy & physiology), how to lose weight (nutrition) and build muscles etc, I thought it may be of use to pass on to others. I will try to be as comprehensive as I can which means certain subjects (bones, muscles, joints, nervous & circulatory sytems etc) might not be of interest to all. Please take what you can for your own personal gain.