'Up the Kingdom!'

  • Am I the only one on 'ere who's exited about the All Ireland Senior Football Championship?  If you haven't seen any of the games yet, then there's still time!  You'll see some 'filthy dirty Players!' which makes it even more compelling to watch!  It's all about 'The Kingdom' for me otherwise known as Kerry!  Just to recap thus far......Kerry, my team thrashed Limerick 1-20-0-10 in the Quarter-finals on the 31st July!  :D  Can't wait for them to thrash Mayo in the Semi's on the 21st August where I will be enjoying the game and a decent pint of guiness, with a shot of Tia Maria,  tastes like 'Chocolate Milkshake' at my local, the 'Blackwater Tavern', Co. Kerry!   I'm a girl!  The black stuff's to bitter for me!  And I predict that Kerry will  thrash Dublin in the finals on the 18th September where I will be enjoying the game at my other local, another traditional Irish pub, the 'Blythe Hill Tavern' in Forest Hill, London!  :D  Itching to start some banter with some Mayo & Dublin fans!  Where are you?..........  I know.........  I'd be, in hiding too! :D

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  • sportingPETE and adams High Five
  • sportingPETE
    sportingPETE The 2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final is scheduled to take place on 18 September 2011. We will be watching!!
    7 August 2011