Kenya 2012

  • In 2011 Mid Kent College in Gillingham went to Kenya for 2 weeks voluntary work to build a security fence around a school. The school was called The Melon School and 70% of the kids there have AIDS, HIV or both, many of them don't have a place to live or if they do it's in very poor places and maybe live with 10 other kids in a little hut. 14 students including myself all took a extra suitcase and filled it up with football shirts and other clothing and there faces lit up as if they won the lottery. Myself and 2 other students donated are football boots, mine went to the Kenyan Gareth Bale.


    In 2012 Mid Kent College will be going to Kenya again and although i will not be going i am still trying to get donations for the college. If you have any unwanted football shirts, football boots or any kind of shoes that you haven't worn in years, you could donate them to the college.


    You will have to pay your own postage but it will be for a good cause. Please consider doing this as it will make alot of kids happy.


    For more information and addresses then please message me. 


    Thank you